Upcoming Events
  • Saturday March 17th at 10am: Get to Know the Park - Meet at the Wash House
  • Get additional details on upcoming park events at Virginia DCR calendar.
About Us

The Friends of Sky Meadows (FOSK) is a group of supporters who assist the park in achieving its goals of serving visitors and protecting and enhancing park resources. The Friends of Sky Meadows is a charitable organization as defined by Section 503(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.  We identify and raise resources to provide additional support for park programs. More...

About Sky Meadows

Sky Meadows State Park is a 1862 acre park in the Virginia state park system. It is located in extreme northwest Fauquier County, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains, near Paris, Virginia. It is about an hour outside of the Washington, D.C. metro region. The park was formed when Paul Mellon donated 1132 acre of land in 1975. It has expanded its borders twice since then—248 acre were added in 1987. More...
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